Superpower Your ScreenShots With Snagit 2019!

SnagIt 2019 is as easy to use as any screenshot software, but SO much more powerful!

With SnagIt, you can:

  • Combine separate screenshots and combine them into one organized piece of content
  • Save Favorite Tools
  • Search through almost 2,000 pre-made stamps
  • Convert screenshots into simplified graphics
  • Move captured items from within your capture
  • Create a Scrolling Screen Capture (image an entire website or page, while by scrolling)
  • Record video of your screen activities
  • Extract text from a screen capture to place into documents
  • Mark up your screen captures, to make things stand out
  • And MORE!

Check it out and Watch the Video to see all it can do!

SnagIt costs $49.95, but enter GANS102019 at checkout for a 10% OFF DISCOUNT!



I use Techsmith Camtasia and SnagIt, and LOVE them!

People often ask me what I use to create my training videos and enhance my screenshots and my answer is: Techsmith Camtasia for videos, and I use SnagIt for quick captures (still or video).

Camtasia is a powerful, yet easy video editor, an screen capture tool. You can capture your monitor, your voice, your webcam, your keyboard entries, and even your computer’s system sounds, and choose whether to use or edit all of those parts, as you wish. And, it’s easy to add video captured on another device, like a video camera, a still camera with video capabilities, even your smartphone! The markup tools can be used to enhance what your viewer sees – you can add highlights, callouts of text or graphics. You can animate items in the app, you can even use your computer’s voice to speech capabilities to create closed captioning! The learning curve is simple and Techsmith has some amazing online free videos (and I teach this, as well). Check it out HERE!

SnagIt is a Screen Capture and Screen Recorder application. It will capture screenshots and Videos, and allow you to mark them up or simple quickly produce a video to share online. It doesn’t have the power of al the video editing capabilities of Camtasia, but if you need a quick and powerful capture tool with great markup functions, this is a quick, accessible tool to choose.

View both Techsmith Camtasia, and Techsmith SnagIt at Techsmith’s website.

By the way – this is one of those companies that offers smart and professional customer support. It’s one I hold up as a standard for all the rest!