Powerpoint Problem with Boot Camp – and Resolution!

As you probably know, most of the actual work I do is on the Mac side of my computer, and I haven’t had much need to use the Windows version of Powerpoint in some time. Of course, today I had to use it… and so the saga begins!

Every time I started to type on a slide, Powerpoint crashed! I tried all the usual suspects – eliminated all my add-ons. Tried troubleshooting by starting Powerpoint in Safe Mode… nothing worked. Fortunately, I had it installed in Parallels on my laptop, so I was able to get work done, but I really needed it on my Windows 7 BootCamp partition (running through Parallels).

After MUCH research, I found the answer at http://blog.cdeutsch.com/2010/12/fixed-powerpoint-2010-crashes-when.html  . Worked like a charm – and SO easy. I find it hard to believe Apple hasn’t issued an update to fix this problem – but I’m really quite grateful to Mr. Deutsch for helping me get it resolved so quickly!