Superpower Your ScreenShots With Snagit 2019!

SnagIt 2019 is as easy to use as any screenshot software, but SO much more powerful!

With SnagIt, you can:

  • Combine separate screenshots and combine them into one organized piece of content
  • Save Favorite Tools
  • Search through almost 2,000 pre-made stamps
  • Convert screenshots into simplified graphics
  • Move captured items from within your capture
  • Create a Scrolling Screen Capture (image an entire website or page, while by scrolling)
  • Record video of your screen activities
  • Extract text from a screen capture to place into documents
  • Mark up your screen captures, to make things stand out
  • And MORE!

Check it out and Watch the Video to see all it can do!

SnagIt costs $49.95, but enter GANS102019 at checkout for a 10% OFF DISCOUNT!



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