Our Classes

Online Live Classes

Our Live, Online Instructor-Led Classes are designed to feel and work like a regular classroom, except that it uses the internet to get to class instead of a freeway. Students and Instructor meet in an online classroom. This classroom offers the students a view of the teacher’s computer, allowing them to watch what the teacher is doing, and follow along on their own computer at the same time. If, at any time, a student requires direct assistance, the student can give the teacher permission to view their screen, and even take over the mouse control to aid the student through a difficulty.

Recommended for those classes in which the student already has knowledge of basic computing, Mac or Windows skills.

Note: For online classes to be most effective, students would benefit from 2 monitors (or a device and their computer), so they may watch the class and participate, simultaneously.

OnSite Classes

We also offer classes Onsite, at our client’s facility. Please Contact Us for more information.

Recommended for any student, and any of our classes.
Working onsite also enables us to more closely support the instruction of basic computing principles, Mac Basics, or Windows Basics.
**If this fundamental training is required along with our regular classes, please Contact Us.


Custom Classes are also available. If this is your interest, please Contact Us.

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