WARNING About Apple iOS 13 Release

image courtesy of Pexels.com

So, I was all set to upgrade my iPhone 8 to the newly released iOS13. I’d backed up my phone and cleaned up what I could.

Before any update or upgrade, I usually do a last-minute check to see how others are doing with it (WISH I’d done that with Safari 13, but hadn’t even noticed it’d been released!) And, I’m SO GLAD I checked today!

According to many articles, including Forbes Magazine, this major iOS is a dud, despite the GLOWING pre-release reviews! This article even quotes one developer as describing the iCloud synchronization (KEY for almost every Apple Device User) as a “clusterfuck”!

I had been looking forward to this, but I’m SO grateful I read about it first.

I know some of you don’t know how to turn off the Automatic Update feature. There are a few ways to accomplish this, depending on what you’re updating:

  1. Go to the Settings App, Choose General, Select Software Update, and at the bottom or your screen, turn Automatic Updates to “Off”. If your software is already downloaded, you may (depending on your device) delete the download from that screen, or
  2. In the Settings App, select iPhone Storage. There, you’ll see a list of what’s installed (and how much space it takes). Many devices will show the download there, and if you select it, you can Delete it. AND
  3. From the Settings App. Scroll to find “iTunes & App Stores”, and turn off Automatic downloads for Updates (and anything else you want to control, personally).

I hope this can save you the headache of having to deal with a messed up system, likely messed up Contacts and Calendaring, and awaiting the pushed up update until a few days from now.


Apple’s Safari 13 Messes Up SO Many Things for Users!

Within this past week, Apple released Safari 13. I had been so behind on some of my updates, I hadn’t even realized it, or I never would have let it happen!

As mentioned in http://osxdaily.com/2019/09/19/safari-13-released-for-mac/, the new version of Safari disables ALL extensions from outside developers (including, and especially, ad-blockers!) Now, in order for a third-party to offer an extension, they need to pay a fee to Apple, and Safari will only enable installation from the App Store. I think we can say goodbye to most of the free options (I’m going to miss Blur), and we’ll have to pay to upgrade some of the apps we depend on, as they’ll see no real benefit to updating older versions to fit within Apple’s new rules and code (thanks a LOT, 1Password!).

As for Ad Blocking, I’m currently testing AdGuard – but I’m concerned that some of it’s most useful features may be security risks, so I didn’t enable those. I’ll have to upgrade my 1Password application to enable it to work with the new Safari (I’ve been using it for so many years, I don’t even want to seek another password app).

Some of you may be asking: “Why not use another browser, then”? Well, I thought of that – and realized that since I’m in the “Apple ecosystem”, my devices all sync bookmarks through iCloud. I use that function a lot, and haven’t found a good option for syncing my bookmarks from other apps to Safari (I tried BookMacster, but even with their excellent support, it never quite worked well for me).

I’ll keep you updated on anything new I find. In the meantime – if you like your Safari Extensions – AVOID the upgrade to Safari 13!!!