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Computer Software Training - Online or OnSite

AYM 4 Training specializes in LIVE hands-on training with the option of attending a virtual online classroom, or bringing an instructor onsite, to your location. All classes are lead by an instructor, in a live, interactive training environment.

We offer training for private and corporate clients, using pre-determined curricula, or a customized syllabus - depending on our student's needs.

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Our Online Classes are Different

In most online training situations, the student watches pre-recorded instruction, and follows tutorials, or step-by-step guides to practice the contents of the lesson. At AYM 4 Training, our online classes are presented with a LIVE instructor in the virtual classroom with you.

Our virtual classrooms allow students to view the teacher's computer desktop, and share their own desktop with the teacher. The teacher or student can even have the option to control the other's computer from their remote location. This secure, interactive interface includes voice communication as well, via a computer headset, or a telephone conference connection.

Note: Recommended for students who already have experience with basic computing, Mac or Windows skills

In this way, students can take advantage of a complete classroom experience, while avoiding the commute and time away from the home or office

Additionally, online classes will never be canceled for low enrollment. Your schedule is secure, making your time easier to manage.

Our Onsite Training

For those who prefer the more conventional approach to computer training, we offer instruction onsite, at your location. This method is particularly appropriate to those clients who require training for more students than the online interface permits, or who can not meet the system requirements for the online training.

Note: Recommended for students at any level of experience. Working onsite enables us to more closely support the needs of less-experienced students when necessary.




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