Also, the Last Chance for the Macphun (Skylar) Luminar and Aurora 2018 Holiday Offer

And, for those of you who want an extremely powerful, full-control image editor set, with maybe a slightly easier learning curve from some of the others, take a look at MacPhun (Skylum) Luminar 2018 and Aurora HDR 2018!

Both are available for both Mac and Windows, and can be used as stand-alone apps, or as Photoshop plugins.

Luminar 2018.pngAbout Luminar:

Luminar 2018 offers everything a modern photographer needs for photo editing, including new filters powered by artificial intelligence, major speed improvements, a dedicated RAW develop module and a forthcoming in 2018; digital asset management platform.

Users will also benefit from the new intelligent Sun Rays filter, LUT support, and real-time noise removal. With workspaces that match different styles of editing, Luminar adapts to deliver a complete experience that avoids clutter and complexity.

Luminar 2018 has been re-built from the ground up for dramatic performance boosts. Existing filters deliver richer colors and depth in less time. A brand new streamlined user interface speeds up working with presets, filters, and masks. With the full support of pro options like layers, masks, and blending modes, complex repairs and photo composites can be easily accomplished.

Offer Availability: The Luminar 2018 Holiday offer is now live and available until December 31


  • Current users of Luminar may upgrade at a Black Friday price of $49 ($39 with Coupon Code SGANS_DISC)

  • New users can purchase Luminar 2018 for $69 ($59 with Coupon Code SGANS_DISC)

  • A collection of bonuses will also be included with every purchase.


  • The Shootkit ebook

  • Preset pack: 20 Festive Texture Presets

  • 500+ Sky overlays for Sky replacement

  • Video tutorial “How to replace Sky in Luminar”

EXTRA Bonus:

  • “Capture: Adventures in Photography” ebook by Simon & Lisa Thomas, the world’s foremost adventure motorcyclists

White_2.pngAbout Aurora HDR:

Aurora HDR is not just a tool for merging bracketed images, it also provides numerous tools and countless options to create perfect HDR photos for every taste – from one-click presets and advanced tone-mapping, to layers, noise reduction, and powerful luminosity masking controls. It was named as the Best Mac App of 2017 by Apple.

Offer Availability: The Aurora HDR Special offer is already live and continues until December 31.


  • Current users of Aurora HDR may upgrade at a Special price of $39 ($29 with Coupon Code SGANS_DISC)

  • New users can purchase Aurora HDR 2018 for $79 ($69 with with Coupon Code SGANS_DISC)

  • A collection of bonuses will also be included with every purchase.


  • Deep Dive video tutorial from Trey Ratcliff

  • “How to create realistic HDR images” Ebook

  • 2 Preset Packs – 40 presets! Preset Pack 1 – Winter Vibes. Preset Pack 2 – Wonderland.


Last Day for On1 Holiday Discount!


The end of year On1 Holiday Discount is about to disappear (soon, it’ll be the beginning of the year!)

This deal includes:

  • On1 Photo RAW 2018
  • New On1 Photo RAW Master Class eBook
  • 62 presets with 3 bonus videos
  • 3 courses covering Masking, HDR, and Panoramas
  • AND, you SAVE OVER $219 for this bundle!

Today is the last day to get ALL this for $79.99! 

When this Promo is over, On1 Photo RAW will revert to it’s usual $119. And all those bonuses revert to their regular price – to get all this would cost $299.92!

About ON1 Photo RAW 2018
ON1 Photo RAW 2018 includes the essential tools and features every photographer needs in their workflow. Our super fast, non-destructive, and state-of-the-art processing engine gives you an ultra smooth and efficient editing experience. ON1 Photo RAW is focused on allowing you to get the most out of every photo. Photographers now have a tool with fast photo management, hundreds of customizable photo effects, fast and beautiful HDR, panos, masking and selection tools, layers, and much more—in one app.

This app is PERFECT for those of you who want to get powerful image editing features, without subscribing to the Adobe Cloud! Of course, it ALSO acts as a Photoshop plugin!

• No subscription
• Own it forever
• Migration assistant
• Open cloud storage integration
• Hundreds of free training videos
• World-class service and support

Video Training
ON1 Photo RAW 2018 Overview:
New Color Range Masks:
Mew Luminosity Mask Tools:
Paint With Color Brush:
New Noise Adjustment Brush:
New Mask Blur Chisel:
Remove Haze from a Photo:


MacPhun has released updates to Luminar 2018 and Aurora HDR 2018 (Mac and Windows)

This week, Luminar 2018 1.1.0, and Aurora HDR 2018 1.1.2 were released.

Don’t forget – Both Luminar 2018 and Aurora 2018 are available on a special Holiday Offer until December 31st! Buy Luminar 2018 for only $69, and Aurora 2018 for only $79. Both offers include great bonuses!

Don’t forget to enter coupon code  SGANS_DISC for an extra $10 off each app!

Both updates include performance improvements, various features enhancements, bug fixes and new cameras support for the Windows and Mac versions.

Luminar 2018 and Aurora HDR 2018 users on Windows and Mac can update to this version by updating inside of the App.

Below is a list of the Fixes and Updates:


Luminar 2018 version 1.1.0 for MAC:

– Improved compatibility with OS X 10.10, 10.11 support

– The image Histogram updates in realtime

– Performance and RAM usage improvements.

– When editing press Cmd+L/Ctr+L to quickly access the Filters list

– Better noise detection in raw files and fixing it on photo opening

– DNG file support is improved for easier editing

– Even more raw formats can be edited natively with the RAW Develop filter

– Improved compatibility with Lightroom and Photoshop plugins

– Better batch processing

– Improved Native files

– Native files can be shared between Mac and Windows users

– Any LUT can now be stored to a preset with no need to link to the original .cube file

– Photos can now be exported to SmugMug for online sharing

– The Sharpen on Export filter is also improved for crisper images

– Better masking controls

Luminar 2018 version 1.1.0 for Windows:

– Luminar can now launch more quickly.

– Faster-editing performance and better RAM usage.

– Native document feature added

– Native files can be shared between Mac and Windows users.

– Clone & Stamp tool released: remove objects and blemishes with ease.

– Any LUT can now be stored to a preset with no need to link to the original .cube file.

– Export to the Adobe RGB wide color profile or the ProPhoto RGB color space.

– More export control (incl. Sharpen on Export)

– Better masking controls.

– Even more raw formats can be edited natively with RAW Develop filter.

– All filters support advanced blending mode options.


Aurora HDR 2018 version 1.1.2 for MAC:

– Import preset packs from previous versions

– Save document in Windows capability mode for cross-platform access

– Improved compatibility with Lightroom and Photoshop plugins

– User Interface improvements

– Performance improvements

– New camera model support added (incl. Sony A7R III (ILCE-7RM3))

Aurora HDR 2018 version 1.1.2 for Windows:

– Native document feature added

– Mac document support added

– More export formats: JPEG 2000, PSD, PDF

– More options for TIFF files on export: Compression, Depth, Resolution

– ProPhoto RGB and Adobe RGB color profile on export added

– Sharpen image adjustment on file export

– Ability to delete preset packs from your collection

– RAW file opening tuned and fixed

– New camera model support added (incl. Sony A7R III (ILCE-7RM3))

Coupon Code for Photolemur 2.2 Spectre


Yesterday, I posted about Photolemur’s excellent Holiday Deal – but I forgot to include a Coupon Code for 15% off THAT amazing price!!!

To buy Photolemur 2.2 Spectre at 70%off AND an additional 15% discount – including $100 worth of bonuses, don’t forget to use Coupon Code


at checkout! That takes the holiday discount on a FAMILY LICENSE down from the excellent $45 deal to $38.25!

To read yesterday’s post, explaining all you’ll be getting, please see


Photolemur on sale for The Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays from Photolemur!!!

From December 14th-December 28th, Photolemur 2.2 Spectre is 70% off – with $100 worth of bonuses! That’s $45 for a FAMILY LICENSE for this easy-to-use, powerful photo enhancer!


Bonuses include: Picaboo hardcover book – value $59.99, and Photo Lighting course from F. Doohof – value $52.00

Photolemur uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically enhance your photos, using 12 different criteria to give you the best result with the least amount of work!

Most people want to make their photos better but not everyone can afford expensive gear or wants to spend hours editing photos. And not everyone wants to learn what curves and layers are. Photolemur has created an automated photo assistant that enhances your images as a professional photographer, but faster and with no effort required from you. This is the first photo enhancer that can actually think for itself.

Check it out, here!