Luminar 3.1 update announced – with a FANTASTIC new Accent AI Feature

Skylum has announced the V3.1 Update To Luminar, and WOW is it terrific!

With an update that includes “Accent AI 2.0”, Artificial Intelligence helps you enhance your images to a whole other level! Dozens of adjustments available within one slider! With extra technology to recognize and enhance people in your photos separately. How easy to get amazing images with one click!

But, they didn’t lose their full-featured editor and all it’s enhancements, along with tons of presets to get you started in making your photo yours (if you wish to use them)!

Until May 14th, Skylum is offering the following:

Anyone who wants a smooth, easy-to-use, photo editing application will not go wrong with this app (it also comes with Photoshop and Lightroom plugins, for those who are Photoshoppers).

This is software for which you OWN the license. No subscriptions required!


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