AYM 4 Training

Computer Software Training
Instructor-Led, Live, Interactive, Online

Experience the benefits of a real Live, Interactive Classroom, without the long commute!

Studies indicate that Live instruction is far more effective than self-paced video instruction. Our online classrooms, lead by a live instructor, offer voice and text chat capabilities, the ability to view the teacher’s screen while working on your own, back and forth communication between you, your instructor and other class members, and the feeling of being in a regular classroom, all from the comfort of your own home or office!

Our online classes will never be canceled for low enrollment. When you’ve received your class confirmation, the class will run even if you are the only student. Your schedule is secure, making your time easier to manage.


Or Onsite and Custom Training

For those who prefer the more conventional approach to computer training, we also offer instruction onsite, at your location. Please contact us for more information

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