Photoshop Actions to Emulate Instagram Effects

I’m not always a fan of heavily processed images, but as a matter of artistic expression, I often like to “play” around with images for some cool effects. Since I got the iPhone, I’ve really liked a lot of the image looks that can be accomplished using Instagram. But, since most of my images are shot using my Nikon, and not my iPhone, I wanted to create a set of actions that would emulate Instagram while within Photoshop.

Turns out, I don’t have to! Daniel Box has already done a bunch of these, and he’s made the actions available for FREE (Thank you, Mr. Box!) He says they’re not “100% exact match, but they’re pretty darn great – and remember, you can still tweak your images in Photoshop to improve at will.

Check out the FREE action download at:

Online Set of Webinars – is the first ever live, global, interactive event for the Photoshop community — 24 Hours of non-stop Photoshop!

On February 10th/11th, 2012, ( will be offering over 100 sessions, with 50 instructors via online webinars. Some of the best instructors will be featured (with the exclusion of me, that is), and there are 3 pricing tiers: a limited Free track (requires pre-registration), an all-access $99 track, and an extended track (to see the webinars after the day is over) for $599. These are introductory rates.

I’ve never seen these before, so I can’t vouch for them specifically, but with the list of webinar leaders they have, this is bound to be a powerful day! There is a benefit to accessing as much as possible, live – you can ask questions of the instructors.

Adobe Carousel – Photo Syncing Among All Your Devices

Sadly, I’m once again missing Photoshop World in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t stop me from checking announcements!

Adobe has is introducing a new service, named Adobe Carousel (

I’m excited about the idea that I can have all my images accessible to my desktop, laptop and iPhone (and iPad, maybe, someday), so I believe this is something to watch. Question is: will this be a handy, useful tool, or yet another Adobe or Cloud money-suck? Only time will tell…

GIF Files – Possible Photoshop CS5 Security Risk!

Here’s something new… According to John Nack – official Adobe blogger – maliciously coded GIF files can cause crashes in Photoshop (I’m thinking other possible security risks as well).

There is a fix, however – so visit John Nack’s Blog to find the appropriate resolution to the problem: 

A Really Nice Article About the Recent Lo-Fi Trend for Photography

An editor for has written a great article about the much-debated lo-fi trend in today’s digital photography. I’ve always contested that, unless you’re shooting documentary photos, a lot of the artistry of good photography is to get an image that looks good, not necessarily that looks “real”. This article expands on that… 

Tutorial by Dave Cross on reducing Gradient Banding

Gradient banding is the effect in which the transition lines in a gradient are too visible. For Photoshop, this is more often an issue for onscreen images than it is in print (it’s rather the opposite in Illustrator)

on KelbyTV (one of my favorite places) Dave Cross has a very interesting tutorial on some anti-banding techniques.

You can watch the video here:

Adobe Releases CS5/5.5 Printing Guide

This FREE guide offers excellent technical information regarding the Acrobat X Printing options, as well as technical details and tips for printing from Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign – and how to make the various programs “play nicely” together when printing.

Did I mention it’s FREE?