Learn The Basics of Photoshop in 25 Minutes

www.lifehacker.com/au has a very nice introductory tutorial on the basic usage of the tools and basics of Photoshop. It’s a nice start for anyone wanting to begin with Photoshop, and will give students an idea as to how we can go further in our classes.

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Remember, we don’t only teach Photoshop for image editing – we also teach a number of the less-expensive image editing options. Many of Photoshop’s abilities are echoed in some of the more “consumer level” programs, as well. You can get some great control over your images using Photoshop Elements, for about $80 right now! We teach that, too!

See the Lifehacker video here.

Photoshop’s 21st Birthday!


Adobe Photoshop turns 21 today. I want to thank Photoshop, the Knoll Brothers and all involved for giving me so many years of fun, and helping me to make a living as well!

This image is how I got my start with Photoshop. Version 2.5, and the upgrade to Version 4.0 (skipped 3.0!) Look! Dual-Density Floppies!!!

Since Photoshop is old enough to drink, but can’t (it has NO THUMBS!) – let’s all raise a glass in honor of this amazing piece of software!