A Really Good Explanation of Color for Print Purposes

CreativePro.com has come up with yet another really good article – this time, about a topic that can be really confusing – how color works for print documents, and how to use InDesign’s color management to get accurate color print jobs done (Note: this is for 4-color, process printing – not meant for your inkjet). Check it out at:


InDesign Templates – FREE Download

One of the big complaints about InDesign CS5.5 – with all it’s hoo-ha about being so great for developing materials for the broadening range of devices – was that Adobe’d stopped shipping it with all the Templates they used to include!

Pre-created Templates are great for  deconstructing and developing personal, creative designs without starting from scratch.

Today, InDesignSecrets.com has posted links to bunches of the original templates (they’ve used CS4’s versions) for free download. SO nice not to have to hand-make the CD label template again!


Adobe Releases CS5/5.5 Printing Guide

This FREE guide offers excellent technical information regarding the Acrobat X Printing options, as well as technical details and tips for printing from Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign – and how to make the various programs “play nicely” together when printing.

Did I mention it’s FREE?