Selecting, Copy, Pasting, Drag & Drop Part I

So, how much do you really know about the various methods to select text, and copy or move it to other locations in your computer? In Part I of a two part Tutorial, I teach about the first step in controlling what you copy and paste – SELECTING!

Many of my very experienced students have found that they’ve been going about making their changes the long way. The goal of Part I (Selecting) and Part II (Copy/Paste/Drag & Drop) of this tutorial is to teach students the most efficient methods of selecting text (either a lot or a little), and getting that text to another location in a document, or into another program entirely!

This tutorial focuses on Microsoft Word 2010, but the techniques used here are system-wide. They can be used for text programs, image programs, getting things off the web, spreadsheets… once you know these techniques, Just experiment.

Let me know if there’s anything that was missed, and if you DID learn anything new. I look forward to your comments.

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Backing Up!!! – and an excellent Deal for Mac Users

Since I have a lot of Mac based clients and students, and since all my clients and students know how much emphasis I place on BACKING UP your data, I thought I’d share this link for an excellent deal on Macintosh Backup Software – Prosoft’s Data Backup (which I’ve recommended to many students). Check it out at:

The beauty of a program like this is that you can make a “bootable” backup of your Mac, so if your computer’s hard drive errors for any reason, you can simply startup from your backup drive and continue to work. Data Backup can also make backups of only your own documents, or any combination of items on your computer. Even with Apple’s Time Machine, which is a great and FREE product, the backups are not “bootable” and the system must be restored before you can use it again.

This seems to be ALWAYS the case with Windows computers. It appears (please correct me if I’m wrong) that Windows machines can be fully backed up (at least, in Windows 7), but they must always be restored to be used – there’s apparently no “bootable” backup option. For instructions on how to accomplish a full backup, take a look at this article:

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About Apple’s New App Store

I’ve been meaning to write a review of the brilliant apps created by TastyApps (Mac only), and will get to it very soon.

In the Meantime, their blog has an EXCELLENT opinion about Apple’s new App Store (not the iPhone one, but the one they inserted into their new OS 10.6.6 update). He writes not only of the impact to small software developers, but also addresses the effects on us, the consumers of software. I believe this is something about which we should be wary.

And although this article is Mac-centric, please note that Windows has used a similar (but not as accessible) update model on many products for some time – and as you all know, these ideas propagate…

See the TastyApps blog post, here:

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Cool Color IQ Test

For my design students, you may really get a kick out of this! X-Rite, one of the companies that make great Monitor and Printer color calibration tools, has come up with this test to determine your color acuity.

As it turns out, our ability to distinguish small color variations becomes less acute with age (and other factors)

I tried this about a year ago, and found out that, thankfully, my color acuity was much younger than I am!

Even if you’re not a design student, but you’re into color, this test is really interesting and you may find it fun.

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Adobe Video Editing Contest

For all the video editing students watching: Adobe is promoting a new Video contest. Prizes include:

  • Trips to Barcelona to join Adobe, Motorola and MOFILM at their famous filmmaker awards
  • Adobe® Creative Suite® 5 Master Collection software bundles
  • Motorola Devices
  • US$5,000 in Cash Prizes (total)
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View some Questions and Answers

Merchant Circle is an online business listing resource. Here, you may find some special coupons and offers we may post, and some other information about our services.

You can view our Merchant Circle listing at:

But, more interestingly, Merchant Circle also has a community question/answer posting area. I respond to many of the questions posted, and perhaps some of those answers will apply to you? To view a list of questions that AYM 4 Training has answered, please visit:

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Using Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) in Emails

This was posted to YouTube well before the blog came live, but it’s the first of the tutorials. It addresses that issue so many people have, in which bulk emails display the email address of every person who received them. Find out how to avoid that.

If you visit the YouTube Page, you’ll find a list of links to view the parts of the video that apply to your specific email software.

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Welcome to AYM 4 Training’s New Blog

FINALLY! The Blog is up and running!

I want to encourage you to post questions, and comment on the Tutorials and Reviews you see on this site. Any suggestions, or ideas of what you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to put that suggestion here, and I’ll address them as quickly as possible.

Don’t forget to visit the AYM 4 Training Home and site, for information on available classes.

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