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About Our Training

AYM 4 Training offers training both Online, over the internet in a LIVE, INTERACTIVE environment, and Onsite, at our client's location. Our instruction is available to private individuals, small companies, and large corporations.

Most of our Online classes are offered in 2-day, 6 hour segments. This allows students to have some time between meetings, to practice the lessons they've learned, and ask pertinent questions in their subsequent sessions.

For both our Onsite and Online classes, we also offer the option of a customized curriculum, with a flexible schedule, to accommodate our client's specific needs.

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Online Live Classes (OLC)

Recommended for Adobe Training, and Microsoft Training, or for those classes in which the student already has knowledge of basic computing, Mac or Windows skills

Our Online Live Classes are designed to feel and work like a regular classroom, except that it uses the internet to get to class instead of a freeway. Students and Instructor meet in an online classroom. This classroom offers the students a view of the teacher's computer, allowing them to watch what the teacher is doing, and follow along on their own computer at the same time. If, at any time, a student requires direct assistance, the student can give the teacher permission to view their screen, and even take over the mouse control to aid the student through a difficulty.

Our classes offer a great deal of hands-on interaction with the software. During class, students may follow along with the teacher's demonstration. Students also fulfill in-class lesson projects, reinforcing the learning experience, while the teacher is available to assist with questions.

Verbal interaction is made possible by using the online classroom's direct VOIP interface (speaking over the internet, through the use of a headset with a microphone), or via a telephone conference line (long distance charges may apply).

Another benefit of scheduling an online class is that, unlike other schools, your class will never be canceled for low enrollment. Classes with only one student will run, however unless specifically arranged, classes may fill up to 6 students.

Online classes can accommodate from 1-6 students. Depending on the size of the class. We connect via a reliable, online interface and students have the option to connect audibly via headset or telephone. Students can view the instructor's monitor, and share their own monitor if they need help at any time during the class.

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The option for a guaranteed single-person online course is also available, as well as the opportunity to offer customized curricula to individuals or groups. Please contact us directly to make these specific arrangements.

Onsite Classes

Recommended for any student. Working onsite enables us to more closely support the learning of basic computing classes, Mac Basics, or Windows Basics. However, it is also an excellent option for application instruction, as provided in the Adobe or Microsoft classes.

AYM 4 Training offers training to business and individuals, at our client's location.

Our course offerings may use a pre-designed syllabus, or because onsite courses are provided for you or your group alone, courses can be structured to include only the information specific to your needs, and can be provided at a pace to suit your group's needs.

Our students are not forced to learn information that may not suit their purpose, nor are they required to learn according to a pre-structured course outline, as they do in classes run by some computer schools. There is no need for our students to feel they miss information, because the class is moving along too fast, nor must their attention span be compromised by repeated coverage of information they already understand. We conform to your needs, and your speed. Our onsite courses can also be scheduled very flexibly, to suit your needs.

Onsite classes are particularly useful for students who are very unfamiliar with the computer, or who can not accommodate our practical or technical requirements.

Class Policies

  • For Online Classes, we require a 5 day notification(standard business hours) of cancellation or rescheduling, to receive a full refund. If notification is within 3-4 days, clients will receive a 50% refund. No refund will be issued, if notification is received fewer than 72 business hours prior to the beginning of class. Student "No Shows" will not receive a refund. Please note that all online classes are pre-invoiced and prepaid.
  • Onsite class appointments are issued with minimal time limitations. (varies per appointment, location, and client needs)
  • For Onsite Classes, for Los Angeles area clients, a 72 hour (standard business hours) notification of cancellation or reschedule is required. If notification of cancellation or reschedule is not provided in time, or if the appointment is "no show", billing will be incurred for the full scheduled appointment period. Out of area client notification requirements will be discussed at the time of appointment.
  • Standard business hours are considered to be Monday - Friday 9am-5pm). This is for the purposes of notification of cancellation or rescheduling. Classes may be scheduled outside these hours.
  • If clarification is needed on these issues, please ask when you schedule your appointment.