Type as Art   April 28th, 2012

So many of my design and motion graphics students become interested in type, after learning even just a little about it. Here is a GREAT example of the use of Type As Art. Well worth the watch!


When Final Cut Pro X came out, these guys did the MOST amusing job of dissin it, EVER! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxKYuF9pENQ ) and rightfully so, if you’re a professional editor!

Well, these same guys have finally come around to see that Premiere Pro IS actually a PRO program! Check out their video at the link below – and don’t forget to contact me, if you need any Premiere Pro training!


I’ve been a Mac user since about 1990 and, despite a zillion improvements on the Mac and in all computing, I find myself nostalgic for Mac’s Good ‘Ol Days. The days when it didn’t take itself too seriously. The days when cute little extras and Easter Eggs could be found in software, and in the Finder.

One man has managed to bring back a little bit of the quaint times on the Mac by recreating the original  Classic Mac sounds for the New OS’s and for the iOS as well.

Check out the free download from http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/19079/mac-os-classic-sound-pack

Also, I recommend checking out the Steven Jay Cohen’s Blog, on which he has some serious software development stuff, his resume, and some very cool Doctor Who stuff! http://www.stevenjaycohen.com/tags/development 

Happy 22nd Anniversary, Photoshop!   February 19th, 2012

Today marks Photoshop’s 22nd Anniversary. This amazing program has changed the course of photography, digital imaging, motion graphics, video and animation, web design… and countless other creative ways of life. It took way fewer years for Photoshop to become so ingrained in our culture that it became an actual VERB!

On the 20th Anniversary, Russell Brown, the Senior Creative Director for Photoshop, created an amazing video, commemorating the history of Photoshop to that date. It’s worth remembering here:


My clients and students all know I love them – but also know that sometimes what we hear as technicians and teachers make us giggle a bit.

This clip, from a Norwegian show (with subtitles) depicts what those same people would experience in the Middle Ages. Funny!

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