Painters and Artists, Rejoice!   May 11th, 2011

Corel’s release of Painter 12 looks particularly awesome! If you do “natural media” style painting, this software’s for you. And no mess to clean up!

Sample Image from Illustrator - Living on a Heart Grunge

Living on a Heart Grunge

Often during my Adobe Illustrator classes, we look at some of Adobe’s sample images and discuss and deconstruct how they were made. Today,¬†Dhanank Pambayun has released a PDF of how he made his Living on a Heart Grunge image. Check out the How-To PDF here:

Any Tutorial Suggestions?   May 2nd, 2011

Seeking ideas for any new video or PDF tutorials that may be of interest to the people reading our posts. Is there anything you guys want to learn? It can be on any of the subjects listed on our website’s homepage (, and I’m certainly open to any other ideas you may have. Please keep in mind the time limit on YouTube is 15 minutes, so please try to choose something that can be explained in a short video – or two.

Any ideas, people???

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