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We are currently updating our specific class listings to reflect new content and various versions. We appreciate your patience while this information is updated. In the meantime, Please review our general class structure.

General Class Structure

Classes are normally separated into 2 day sessions of 6 hours of class time a day (plus a 1 hour lunch break)

Level 1 Class:

These classes prepare the student with the most fundamental tools of the software on which the class is focused. By the end of the class, the student is ready to begin to work independently, with a strong knowledge of the most-used tools and functions

Level 2 Class:

In these classes, we take students a step further, learning how to finesse the tools they've learned, delving deeper into the abilities of the software which is the focus of the class


Usually a Single Day class, this class will focus on specific tips and tricks of the software. Some classes are designed to focus on specific uses of the software (eg: Photoshop for Photographers, Photoshop for Designers, InDesign for Print, InDesign for Ebooks, etc.)


Online standard 2-day classes cost $750

Online standard single-day classes cost $375

Custom Online classes are available. Please let us know your interests, and we can provide an appropriate quote.

Classes offered Onsite at your location will vary in price and minimum class times. Please contact us for more specific information.

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Please contact us directly at (818) 894-7138, or via email, or via our Contact Us page.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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