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Online Class Requirements

Prior to your scheduled online class, you will receive an email with instructions as to how to set up for the class, and how to enter your virtual classroom. It is the student's responsibility to have reviewed and completed the setup instructions. Students must also ensure that they they fulfill the requirements below for their individual class. Failure to perform the setup instructions, or confirm conformance to the requirements listed will exempt students from our refund policy.

Practical Requirements

  • Basic Computing Skills, including:
    • The ability to control the mouse, to click, and to double-click
    • The ability to open the web browser and follow basic instructions (provided via email, prior to class) to enter the virtual classroom
    • The ability to receive emailed instructions and confirmations
    • Sufficient knowledge to follow directions for opening and saving files created on the computer
    • The ability to extract downloaded .zip files to a known location
    • The ability to copy files from a CD, where applicable
  • For software instruction, each student must have the applicable program installed on the computer on which they intend to connect to the virtual classroom.
    • For students who do not own the software version they wish to learn, demo versions are often available from the software vendor's website, and are generally usable for 30 days. This is sufficient for the class's needs.

Technical Requirements

Depending on the class, our Virtual Classroom may be taught using either the Adobe Connect interface, or the Go To Meeting interface. You will be advised regarding your class's interface in your setup email (or in an additional communication). Below are the minimum technical requirements for each interface:

For Adobe Acrobat Connect
(Note: Technical Requirements may change. To view up-to-date information, please visit Adobe's Website)

  • Windows
    • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional or Home Edition with Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista®
    • Internet Explorer 6 or 7 (or)
    • Netscape Navigator 8.1 (or)
    • Mozilla Firefox 1.5.04
  • Macintosh
    • Mac OS X v10.4
    • Safari 2.0 (or)
    • Mozilla Firefox 1.5.03
  • Additional Requirements
    • Adobe® Flash® Player 8 or 9
    • Broadband connection
    • Cookies enabled in your web browser

For Go To Meeting
(Note: Technical Requrements may change. To view up-to-date information, please visit GoToMeeting's Website)

  • For PC-based Users
    • Required: Windows® 2000, XP, 2003 Server or Vista
    • Required: Internet Explorer® 6.0 or newer, or Mozilla® Firefox® 2.0 or newer (JavaScript™ and Java™ enabled) Internet Connection
    • Required: Cable modem, DSL, or better recommended
    • Recommended: Minimum of Pentium® class 1GHz CPU with 512 MB of RAM (2 GB of RAM for Windows Vista)
  • For Mac-based Users
    • Required: Mac OS® X 10.4 (Tiger®) or newer
    • Required: Safari™ 3.0 or newer, Firefox 2.0 or newer; (JavaScript and Java enabled) Internet Connection
    • Required: Cable modem, DSL, or better recommended
    • Required: PowerPC G4/G5 or Intel processor, 512 MB of RAM or better recommended
  • To Use VoIP
    • Required: Fast Internet connection (384 kbps or more recommended)
    • Required: Microphone and Speakers (USB headset recommended)