Watercolor Vector Styles for Adobe Illustrator and other Vector Graphics Apps

During the redesign of my site, I didn’t want you to miss out on the great things I see and recommend for my clients, students, and interested parties.

As you know, although I teach how to make some amazing graphics, sometimes I feel that incorporating pre-created work and altering it for your own design uses, or using them straight out is a time-saver. For the practical designer, this is a great place to start and work.

DesignBundles.net is affiliated with FontBundles.net. Both websites offer beautiful design elements and unique fonts with full, commercial licenses at EXTREMELY affordable pricing. I love their work, and am a fan. If you sign up for emails on their site, they’ll also offer you weekly freebies that can NOT be beat!

While perusing their offerings, I saw these BEAUTIFUL Watercolor Vector Styles that can be applied to any stroke or brush in Illustrator to make completely unexpected art. Thought you guys might be interested, so take a look at them HERE!

If you value your time, you can’t make these yourself for the $15 they’re charging!

Watercolor Vector Lab - DesignBundles

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